Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Cars that can be placed in Nakmove has to be less than 5 years old.
  • There is no model limit to be placed in Car Sharing.

  • Nakmove provides rental car insurance. This insurance covers the car in terms of accident during rental.
  • We also offer P.A (Personal Accident) protection. This insurance covers drivers and passengers in case of injury / death.
  • Here is the P.A. protection schedule.
Insurance Type Total Coverage
Driver Passenger
Death due to accident RM 60,000 RM 12,000
Loss of hands or leg/blind RM 60,000 RM 12,000
Loss of one hand or leg RM 60,000 RM 12,000

  • We have offered insurance for rental cars. Car owners will cancel the insurance they are taking and take car insurance from Nakmove side.
  • The tenant shall be liable for any damage caused by the rental. If the customer caused problem, Nakmove will blacklist the customer and send the name to CTOS Sdn Bhd. Professional debt collectors will also demand the amount of loss from customer.

  • For Myvi, here's an example of the return estimation the owner will receive.
    • If the owner's car is rented for 5 days,
      Total Rental = RM 550
      Owner Income = RM 385 (70% of rental)
    • If the owner's car is rented for 10 days,
      Total Rental = RM 1060
      Owner Income = RM 742 (70% of rental)
    • If the owner's car is rented for 20 days,
      Total Rental = RM 2030
      Owner Income = RM 1421 (70% of rental)
  • Owner income is dependent on the type of car that is rented which has different car rental pricing.

  • Owner needs to provide complete information regarding the account to the company. (Account number, bank type and owner's full name)
  • Owner does not need to make a claim to the company.
  • Payment will be collected for each transaction and will be paid on a weekly basis on Friday.

  • Customers make car sharing reservations.
  • Nakmove asks customer documents if they have never rent.
  • Nakmove contact owner to inform that customers want their shared car.
  • The owner agrees.
  • Booking continues and payments are made through online @ CDM.
  • Owners prepare the car to customer.
  • Customers arrive at the car and owner give the car to customers.
  • Customers need to take a 4-cornered photo and send it to Nakmove. Pictures should be clear, otherwise all damage are under customer's liability.
  • Rental extension process
    • Nakmove contact customer 2 hours before the end of the sharing process.
    • If customer wants to continue the sharing, the customer will have to pay online @ CDM.
    • If the rental does not continue, customer will return the car in the same place during pick up.
    • Customer needs to take a 4-cornered picture and send it to Nakmove. Pictures should be clear; otherwise all damage is under customer's liability.

  • Each car is required to install GPS-FT200. This installation can be made through the Flitz Nakmove side.

  • Each sharing will be charged a commission of 30%, and 70% will be paid to the owner. (Refer to Calculating Returns to Car Owners)

  • Owner IC
  • Car Grants and Insurance
  • Car picture
  • Pictures of Car Owners

  • Black List Database
    • The list of customers who want to rent will be screen through the Nakmove black list database before being allowed to rent.
  • Each vehicle is required to install a vehicle tracking device or GPS.

  • Nakmove is responsible for contacting customers regarding rental payments if the customer continues to rent.
  • Nakmove will contact the customer to ensure the customer returns the car after being rented.
  • Nakmove will do marketing work on behalf of the car owner.
  • Car owners can use a platform that Nakmove provides for car management.
  • Damaged Vehicles & Search and Rescue Cars.
    • Customers need to contact Nakmove customer service line when this happens.
    • Customer service will assist throughout this situation.

  • Car owners shall handle car maintenance.
  • During early stages, car owners should deal with customers while giving cars.
  • Nakmove will do marketing work on behalf of the car owner.
  • The car owner must prepare the car before the customer pick up the car.